Aalborg Akvavit

This is a Danish premium aquavit, produced by De Danske Spritfabrikker, the leading distillery in Denmark. The aquavit celebrated the 100th anniversary of Aalborg Akvavit and was created as a tribute to Isidor Henius - the most important person in the development of the Danish aquavit tradition. Aalborg Akvavit is a rich, soft and welcoming luxury spirit based on dill and coriander with an elegant finish of American oak. The previous bottle design consisted of two labels; the new refined design has only one, a uniquely shaped etiquette which reduces production costs and makes the bottle stand out compared to the existing available aquavits on the market. The wooden box is made of premium oak, handcrafted and custom made for the new bottle. Logo rights reserved Aalborg Akvavit.

In cooperation with: Thorbjoern Gudnason, Christina Stougaard, and Casper Holden.

A fictional school assignment, 2011.