United Airlines

United Airlines is a different aeroplane company today than it was prior to April 8th, 2017. However, the American company is in a current position to change their business and, if done successful, the entire aviation industry. The following advertising campaign will be the first official visual communication from the aeroplane company since the incident on Flight 3411 in Chicago, April 2017.

The single-minded proposition for the campaign was found in an official statement made by United Airlines on April 27th, 2017:

“Put our customers at the center of everything we do.”

In the book Graphic Design As A Second Language by Bob Gill, the following two paragraphs summarises the approach to the development of the campaign concept.

“After the curtain came down on a Paddy Chayefsky play, the person sitting next to me got up and complained to his wife, “what’s the big deal? I cudda written that.”

“This is what I try for. I like the idea that if I’m successful, the guy who sat next to me that night would have the same reaction to my work, as he did with Chayefsky's.”

The concept of Reunited is simple. However, in order to create a simple concept, complex paths must be explored. This particular word and concept contain a history. Furthermore, a vision for the future of United Airlines.

In conclusion, the visual communication includes two sections since an exclusively external communication would not be proficient, for a campaign of this nature, to become a success. The campaign will firstly be aimed towards the forty-four thousand employees of United Airlines and secondly, at the target audience.

A fictional academic assignment, 2017.