Dansk Supermarked Group

A new international corporate identity for an international retail company based in Denmark. Buying and selling goods is at the heart of what they do, and as an international retailer they source products from close to 9,000 suppliers in 112 countries worldwide. Dansk Supermarked Group is powered by innovative thinking and driven by happy customers - and by being the best. Employer branding is important in so many ways for an international retailer like Dansk Supermarked Group. We kept our focus on seven different departments within the company and created a testimonial based on each person's workday and everyday life. The testimonials are only a part of the entire employer branding project but nonetheless a critical part.

I would like to thank DUENDE for the cooperation during the employer branding assignment. The result can be seen right here.

The company changed their name from Dansk Supermarked Group to Salling Group July 1st, 2018. It resulted in a new visual identity, which made this visual identity irrelevant to the company.

Corporate identity and employer branding assignment, envision 2016.